CHAPTER III : Functions And Powers Of The Metro Railway Administration

5. Functions of metro railway administration

The functions of a metro railway administration shall be-
(a) to maintain and operate metro railway, for public carriage of passengers, constructed in, upon, across, under or over any land, building, street, road or passage in the metropolitan city of Delhi; and
(b) to engage in any such other activities or perform such other functions as may be considered necessary for the purpose of the operation and maintenance of the metro railway in the metropolitan city of Delhi.

6.Powers of metro railway administration

(1) The metro railway administration shall have the power to do anything which may be necessary or expedient for the purpose of carrying out its functions under the Act.
(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provision, such power shall include the power to-
(a) acquire, hold and dispose of all kinds of properties owned by it, both movable and immovable;
(b) improve, develop or alter any property or asset held by it;
(c) enter temporarily in or upon the lands adjoining the metro railway alignment in order to remove obstruction, or prevent imminent danger from any source, such as tree, post or structure, which may obstruct the movement of the rolling stock, or passengers, or the view of the signal provided for movement of the rolling stock;
(d) execute any lease or grant any licence in respect of the property held by it;
(e) enter into, assign and rescind any contract or obligation;
(f) employ an agent or contractor for discharging its functions;
(g) obtain licence from the Central Government to establish and maintain telegraph lines;
(h) lay down or place electric supply lines for conveyance and transmission of energy and to obtain licence for that purpose; and
(i) do all incidental acts as are necessary for discharge of any function conferred, or imposed, on it by this Act.

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